Motorcycle Clutch Levers

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you have certainly replaced worn out or malfunctioning engine parts. The Athena shop sells brake and clutch levers, manufactured by leading companies and extremely safe. The clutch levers that you can find on Athena, like the brake levers, are made of non-deformable sintered aluminum, which prevents any breakage or deformation due to falls and collisions. The clutch levers for motorcycles are manufactured by Protaper, a flagship company in the production of spare parts for motorcycles, and are covered by a two-year warranty. They are manufactured with a system integrated with the brake lever called XPS or Cross Pivot System that prevents the lever materials from being damaged or broken while in use and, above all, in case of impact, the system is able to change the lever angle, as needed. Our models are suitable for most types of off-road and motocross motorcycles.
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PROTAPER 024045 XPS Profile Pro Clutch Lever
11 pieces
Technical features
  • Net Weight (Kg): 0.36
  • Color: Black
$ 109.99