Motorcycle Gadgets

Thanks to our large variety of motorcycle gadgets, fans can surround themselves with the colors of their favorite team even in everyday life. On our Athena website you can find the official gadgets of legendary Valentino Rossi, such as flags, a fundamental accessory for every Moto GP enthusiast. The flags are made with quality fabrics and prints and feature the colors and Rossi's trademark "46 - The Doctor" print. Another legendary gadget in the motorcycle world is the famous umbrella under which champions shelter from the sun before racing. If you wish to customize your phone to make it look like that of a true champion, you can choose from a variety of smartphone covers, a winning mix of pop art, bright colors and comic book balloons. Beach towels for the beach or swimming pool, Maverick cups for a champion-like breakfast, biker gloves and backpacks: all beautiful accessories not be missed. Moto GP accessories and gadgets are a nice gift idea for a colleague, partner, or friend who is passionate about motorcycles and never misses a race on TV. They are official items characterized by their special made in Italy quality featuring bright glossy prints and long-lasting colors.
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PROTAPER 010091 Protaper Decal Trailer
Not available
Technical features
  • Color Detail: Black/yellow/white
  • Net Weight (Kg): 0.14
  • Color: Black
$ 14.99
PROTAPER PT-DI00 Protaper Pop Display
Not available
$ 50.99
PROTAPER 020031 Protaper Umbrella
Only 10 pieces
Technical features
  • Color Detail: Black/yellow
  • Size: One Size
  • Net Weight (Kg): 1.08
  • Color: Black
$ 24.99