Motorcycle Muffler Plugs

A beautiful motorcycle means great adventures, even if it requires continuous care and maintenance to the chassis and the mechanical parts. The main challenges usually come from the motorcycle exhaust system, which must remove the fumes produced in the engine combustion chamber. These fumes then flow into the pipes, and are ejected: for this reason some spare parts are essential such as fittings, pipes and plugs. They must be sturdy yet light to ensure reliability and excellent performance on any road. By browsing our website, you can find everything you need for motorcycle maintenance, a world of Athena accessories and spare parts that will make your vehicle safe and efficient, such as motorcycle exhaust plugs, made with a special material and an innovative conical shape that prevents the formation of incrustations in the exhaust pipes. Among the different items, Athena offers a Racing and Light Racing Complete Exhaust Kit, with higher performance and components that are light weight and resistant.
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ATHENA S410000720003 Exhaust Plug Medium Size 2/4 Stroke Ø27 mm
100+ pieces
Technical features
  • Net Weight (Kg): 0.08
$ 4.99
ATHENA S410000720001 Exhaust Plug Small Size 2 Stroke Ø14 mm
Only 10 pieces
Technical features
  • Net Weight (Kg): 0.04
$ 4.99
ATHENA S410000720002 Exhaust Plug Large Size 4 Stroke Ø34 mm
84 pieces
Technical features
  • Net Weight (Kg): 0.12
$ 5.99