Motorcycle And Motocross Hour Meters

The motorcycle hour meter is the ideal electric spare part to monitor the usage time of your off-road bike and plan ordinary bike maintenance. GET, the Athena brand dedicated to the design of performance management systems for vehicles and riders, has designed an innovative Smart wireless hour counter for off-road motorcycles. GET's motorcycle timer read the vibrations on the frame where they are installed using a 3M resistant double-sided adhesive tape, and can distinguish them from random vibrations - such as those generated by transportation. All GET products have superior quality and maximum reliability that make them ideal for professional riders but also for everyday riders. That's why Athena's GET wireless timer is fully sealed and manufactured with top-quality durable materials: the device is designed to work even under extreme conditions and the battery has a six-year guarantee. The Getdata division ensures optimal performance management and maximum data analysis accuracy: GET's wireless motorcycle timer features two counters, one for partial counting (resettable) and one to monitor total operating hours.
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GET GK-GETHM-0002 Hour Meter
100+ pieces
Technical features
  • Replaceable Battery: No
  • display: LCD
  • Battery Life: 6 years
  • Ip Standard Level: IP68
$ 29.95
100+ pieces
Technical features
  • Replaceable Battery: Si
  • display: LCD
  • Ip Standard Level: IP67
  • Programmable Through App: Yes
$ 49.95