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Athena views the environment and sustainable development as strategic drivers to pursue through its commitment to preventing pollution and by spreading awareness of environmental issues among employees and contractors. Athena S.p.A. also keeps its ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system active as an organizational model to minimize the environmental impact of its production and/or business processes. The company supports eco-friendly lifestyles. It promotes a culture of energy conservation and awareness of the value of natural resources and the importance of their preservation. It also fosters supportive and sustainable actions.



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Supporting cleaner energy

With photovoltaic systems powering Athena’s factories, careful waste and scrap management, the gradual elimination of plastic from our packaging (and investments in this area), Athena has consistently increased its energy efficiency year on year. It also protects the local area by cutting its CO2 emissions every year.

  • 25%

    Increase in self-generated clean energy

  • -544t

    Reduction of CO2 emissions

  • 89%

    Recycled production waste


A whole new packaging

In recent years, Athena has started to renew its packaging. The new boxes are made of recycled material using only odor-free water-based paints, making their production and disposal more eco-friendly. Athena has also designed new cardboard packaging to replace the 90% of packaging that until 2020 was plastic. Consequently, 96% of its packaging is now made exclusively of recycled cardboard.



WOWnature project

Athena joins the WOWnature project by Etifor, the spin-off of the University of Padua that is committed to generating positive impacts on the environment and the community. By participating in this initiative, we pledge to plant, within two years, one tree for every Athena employee worldwide in support of the reforestation of the forests devastated by the Vaia storm that struck the Asiago Plateau in 2018.



Returnable glass service

Over the years, Athena has increased its focus on environmental issues, aiming to create a more ecological and sustainable system in the present for the future and improve people’s quality of life. Therefore, the company started a returnable glass service. Free filtered water dispensers were made available for employees, thus decreasing the environmental impact caused by plastic use.


next step

Future projects

One of Athena’s current projects is to engage in dialogue with companies specializing in recovering production waste that cannot be recycled conventionally. The aim will be to give new life to this ‘waste’ by turning it into new, useful, and sustainable products.