Car Spacers

Athena, the reference point for spare parts and items used in four-wheeled competition, presents a wide range of wheel spacers obtained from a top-quality aluminum bar. Using CNC numerical control machine tools, the aluminum spacers are mechanically processed to ensure maximum precision. Thanks to this production process, Athena's car spacers are known on the market for their unbeatable strength and their significant low breakage record. In addition, the use of bolts allows cars equipped with Athena spacers to achieve excellent stability, while the use of a special "glossy white" color makes it possible to boost the alloy wheels and give an attractive look to the car. The Athena spacers include: spacers with or without bolts, double bolted spacers, wheelbase replacement spacers, off-road spacers and lightened spacers. WHEELBASE REPLACEMENT SPACERS Athena presents wheelbase replacement spacer kits to assemble on the car rims using different holes from the originals. Available in various thicknesses, Athena's aluminum spacers are hard and scratch resistant, as well as having an aggressive look and an impeccable road-holding guaranteed by a perfect offset.

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