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New Red Poison EVO: reduced size, more performance

7 September 2021

TechnoMousse launches RED POISON EVO, the new version of its acclaimed protection system designed for tubeless riding. Thanks to its reduced size design, RED POISON EVO guarantees even more performance and protection during the most extreme descents. The new product will be officially presented to the general public during the Italian Bike Festival in Rimini (10-12 September 2021) and at Sea Otter Europe in Girona (24-26 September 2021).

New reduced size design


The experience gained on race courses has allowed the TechnoMousse R&D department to refine the design of its most technical mousse to give the tyre more performance. The new section of the EVO system has more rounded sides that reduce considerably the lateral dimensions of the mousse and above all do not exert any pressure on the walls of the tyre. In this way the tyre – free from any contact with the sides of the mousse – can work better making the ride smoother and more precise when cornering. 


Like all TechnoMousse products, RED POISON EVO is 100% made in Italy using a special compound designed specifically for extreme riding.

Redueced size, more performance


The new reduced size section of RED POISON EVO translates into improved performance and protection, as demonstrated by the feedback of professional riders who were the first to try it out:

  • Run-flat improved by 30%.
  • Rolling improved by 25%.
  • Cornering precision improved by 30% with a feeling of a more linear ride similar to one without inserts, especially at the front.
  • Very low pressures used (up to 0.7 BAR).
  • Total rim protection.
  • Fitting time reduced by 20%

All this obviously as well as the classic features of every TechnoMousse product:

  • Cut resistant and will not crumble.
  • No expiry date.
  • Does not absorb latex.
  • Soft touch
  • 100% Made in Italy.

Sizes and compatibility


The new RED POISON EVO is launched onto the market with the same range of sizes as its predecessor and therefore offers a wide range of choice to fans of tubeless riding. 


Come and find out more at Rimini and Girona


TechnoMousse officially presents RED POISON EVO to the Italian market during the Italian Bike Festival in Rimini (10-12 September 2021) and to the international market during Sea Otter Europe in Girona, Spain (24-26 September 2021).