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Athena launches Athesil on the market

16 June 2021

Alonte, 16 June 2021 - Athena, an Italian company which has specialised in the production of OEM and aftermarket components for endothermic engines for almost 50 years, completes its range of gaskets with Athesil, a new single-component RTV silicone sealant developed specifically for the automotive, motorbike, industrial, off-road and marine sectors.


Made in Germany with the specific needs of sector technicians and professionals in mind, Athesil is a premium sealant designed for high performance engines and is the ultimate solution for maintenance and repairs, with its ability able to bond, seal, repair, correct and fix.

Athesil can also be used as a formed-in-place gasket,for sealing and joining glass, plastic or metal components, for engine blocks, pumps and flanges. 

This silicone sealant is temperature stable from -40°C to 220°C, but seals at temperatures of up to 300°C, making it suitable even for those parts most likely to overheat, such as exhaust systems.

In addition, Athesil provides maximum resistance to ageing, weathering and thermal cycling and is certified MEKO-Free, meaning it does not release corrosive vapours during curing and does not contain solvents or carcinogenic substances.


Easy to use and with excellent filling and self-levelling properties, Athesil guarantees perfect adhesion to surfaces and remains permanently elastic even after curing, which takes place on exposure to air humidity.

Finally, Athesil is resistant to mineral or synthetic oils, lubricants, fuels, greases, coolants and cleaning fluids, and will not warp, unlike other engine silicones on the market that absorb fluids and so lose their grip over time.

Supplied with a nozzle and key to ensure precise application on any surface, Athesil is available now at a recommended retail price of €11.99 for the 80ml single tube, or in a 12-pack for €119.99.

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