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Athena presents the new Large Frame gasket kit: after the success of the Small Frame kit

2 November 2022

Alonte (VI), November 2nd, 2022

Athena, a company active for over 40 years in the production of aftermarket engine gaskets, has completed its range of gaskets for Vespa by launching the complete and unified gasket kit, suitable for all Vespa Large Frame models.

The kit is an addition to the unified series for Vespa Small Frame - launched by the company last year - and allows, in combination with the latter, the coverage of all the most popular Vespa models.  Athena thus becomes the first company in the market to offer maximum application coverage with just two kits.

The company's technicians studied the original Vespa kits and engines in order to create series that perfectly complimented the profile alignment and holes, guaranteeing maximum sealing capacity. Athena then developed the Small Frame kit, which allows over 40 applications including 50 Special, 90, 125 primary and ET3.  Additionally, there are 70 applications of the new Large Frame kit, which guarantee perfect compatibility with the most popular Vespa models, including the PX80, 125, 150, 200 and Rally 200 versions.   

The gaskets from these two kits are made exclusively of excellent material, which ensure a maximum seal and perfect support. Athena gaskets are specifically composed of an aluminum core that ensures excellent protection to the engine pressure and expansion, while the external rubber adheres perfectly to the engine surface, sealing areas with porosity or defects typical in overhauled engines.

Finally, the gaskets within the two kits do not require sealants, preventing oil leakage or silicone residues, making installation easier and faster.


Athena Small Frame & Large Frame Kits