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Athena presents the new 2020 Kawasaki KX 250 big bore cylinder kit

5 April 2022

Alonte (VI), Italia, April 2022. Athena presents the new big bore cylinder kit developed for the 2020 Kawasaki KX 250.

The kit boosts displacement to over 280 cc, significantly improving performance - both in terms of power and torque - compared to the original. All kit components are engineered by Athena R&D technicians to ensure not only increased displacement, but also balanced power management, thanks to better flow inside the cylinder, and a guarantee of perfect sealing and durability. The Athena cylinder kit can be installed without having to make any changes to the motorbike crankcase and without having to replace the original engine components.

The new Athena cylinder kit comprises a cylinder with a nickel and silicon coated barrel that guarantees greater smoothness and a lower risk of engine seizure, a forged piston that ensures maximum performance and resistance and a series of gaskets to guarantee maximum sealing and resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses.

All components have been developed to withstand the highest temperatures, pressures and mechanical stress.

In particular, the new larger-diameter cylinder was redesigned by Athena technicians not only in terms of bore but also in terms of geometry in order to improve engine operation even at low revs and to ensure an explosion of power (over 4 horsepower) and maximum torque. To keep cooling under control even at high revs, the size of the water tanks has also increased.

Another distinctive element of this kit is the gasket set, which includes a multilayer head gasket and a rubber sheet base gasket designed to prevent leakage, withstand high levels of compression and ensure maximum sealing.

Lastly, the Athena forged piston has been optimized not only in weight and structure, but also in the geometry of the crown with the aim of increasing engine efficiency. Made with quality materials, it incorporates a molybdenum disulfide coating on the shell to further improve sliding, while the smooth profiles ensure perfect propagation of the flame front.

Test bench technical data confirms that this kit allows for power in excess of 45 HP. It is available at a recommended retail price of €683.99, including VAT.