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Athena expands its racing range with new lightweight wheel spacers

3 July 2023

Athena, a leader in the production and design of spare parts for the automotive market, announces the launch of a range of lightweight wheel spacers especially for motor racing competitions, designed to offer maximum performance on the track without sacrificing strength and safety.

Athena lightweight wheel spacers are the result of the careful work of our R&D Department, which studied the right balance between lightness and maximum safety, reliability and strength, and the most suitable materials and production technologies.

In addition to widening the wheel track and an improved grip on the road, these new lightweight spacers combine the strength of Athena spacers with a significant lightening of the unsprung masses, further reducing inertia, for a smoother and better-performing ride. The lighter weight also helps to reduce the overall load on the suspension for better responsiveness and optimal handling, even when cornering at full speed.

These products are made from top quality extruded aluminum bar, machined with innovative technologies and with the best numerical control machine tools to ensure tight manufacturing tolerances and maximum precision. This production process, which involves no casting points, is what gives Athena spacers their unbeatable resistance to wear.