Motorcycle battery chargers

LifePO4 lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries require a charging system that can perform advanced analysis on the battery's activity and such to provide safe and highly efficient charging. Electronic motorcycle battery chargers are digital and multiphase to optimize the management of critical energy drawing elements. Thanks to Athena's motorcycle battery chargers and their integrated desulphurization system, batteries with decreasing performance can be restored, even in the case of accidental disconnection or sudden disconnection of the power supply, as they keep track of previous cycles. The microprocessor that manages these advanced battery chargers allows recovering batteries with a charging level dropped up to 2 volts. The Get designers also provided protections against sparks, short circuits, and reverse polarity offering an IP65 certification for these hi-tech battery chargers. The products integrate CANbus technology allowing the charging process to be carried out even on electrical systems installed on Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Ducati and BMW, at a fraction of the time and cost but with high efficiency.
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GET GK-GETBC-0001 Automatic Lithium-PB Battery Charger and Maintainer
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