Form for cylinders to be repaired
After filling out the form, click “Send my request”. You will receive an e-mail to print and attach to the shipment. Without the completed form, cylinders won’t be accepted.

N.B. The following form does not replace the bill of lading, so please attach DDT with reason “Manufacturing purposes”.
Shipment is the responsability of the sender.

Processing times: 6/7 weeks from the arrival of the cylinder in our company

1. Processing on chrome cylinders is not carried out
2. If not specified, cylinder will be reset to nominal size
3. If you send your piston, our experts will take the measurements and establish the cylinder diameter according to our parameters, unless otherwise indicated by you. Athena is not responsible for any damage or loss of any component or material sent with the cylinder.
4. It is recommended to ship the cylinder without accessories, properly cleaned and packaged.

Prices details:
CYLINDER RECOVERING WITH Ø36-75 mmPrice list €162 (VAT excluded)
CYLINDER RECOVERING WITH Ø76-90 mmPrice list €214,50 (VAT excluded)
CYLINDER RECOVERING WITH Ø91-101 mmPrice list €231 (VAT excluded)
ONLY LAPPINGPrice list €99 (VAT excluded)
Additional costs:
ACCESSORY DISASSEMBLYPrice list €61,20 (VAT excluded)
EXHAUST LINE SMOOTHINGPrice list €24,15 (VAT excluded)
BORING + HONING Ø40-101 mmPrice list €108 (VAT excluded)

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