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Athena presents the new standard bore and big bore cylinder kits for Yamaha YZ450 F 2020-22

21 July 2022

Performance, reliability and endurance - once again, Athena has surpassed itself with the new Standard Bore and Big Bore cylinder kits developed for Yamaha YZ 450 F 2020-2022. Entirely studied and engineered in Italy, the new kits have been tested on the bench and on the track, in order to ensure the very best performance, even in extreme situations.



The Yamaha YZ 450 F 2020-2022 engine is synonymous with compactness and lightness. Along with the new Athena Big Bore cylinder kit, it boasts excellent torque and power performance, delivering six hp more than the original cylinder kit. In order to achieve these results, Athena engineers have designed top-quality, high precision components.

The aluminum cylinder in this cylinder kit features a bore of Ø102mm, which provides a significant increase in torque and power at low, medium and high revs.

The forged piston included in the kit was designed by Athena engineers together with the cylinder to create a system that performs even better than the original. The results obtained from bench and track tests also demonstrated an increase in the compression ratio.




In order to respect the new features of the new YZ 450 F 2020-2022 engine and ensure the same durability and reliability as the original kit, Athena has studied and re-engineered the standard bore cylinder kit.

The new aluminum cylinder has been heat-treated to improve its mechanical properties and to ensure maximum resistance even at high temperatures. In addition, the forged piston included in the kit is treated with a molybdenum disulphide coating on the shell, which further improves the sliding.