Motorcycle Engine Gasket Raw Material

In winter it is the perfect time to dedicate a few days to the maintenance to your motorcycle. If you need motorcycle spare parts, you can contact Athena, the portal that provides a wide variety of high-quality products. We can offer you motorcycle engine gaskets as well as engine gasket raw material such as insulating sheets that you can cut by hand to obtain the gasket you need. Athena's engine gasket sheets are made of top quality materials, they are reliable and resistant to high temperature and are easy to cut, an important detail that allows you to obtain the gaskets quickly and easily. Our gasket raw material consists of a 500x500x5 mm oil-resistant gasket sheet: it guarantees maximum tightness even in the most difficult operating conditions and allows you to repair any discontinued engine and whose spare parts are very difficult to find. Athena is a leading company in the motorcycle spare parts sector and offers numerous motorcycle engine gasket raw material in sheets of all types.
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ATHENA S213380149000 Sheets 500x500 mm of anti-oil rubber for gaskets, th. 5.0 mm
Not available
Technical features
  • Net Weight (Kg): 0.05
€ 65.99 Vat included 23%
ATHENA P300000999001 Assortment of gasket materials
Not available
€ 91.99 Vat included 23%
ATHENA S410485001303 Cylinder Head Gasket Ø 102 mm
20+ pieces
€ 35.99 Vat included 23%