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Athena manufactures and distributes automotive and industrial vehicle spare parts of the highest quality to maximize engine performance. The company was founded in 1973, first designing and producing gaskets and technical and metal items, then specializing more and more to become a world leader in the distribution of automotive spare parts. Athena is a synonym of quality also for original car spare parts, developing products for major car manufacturers. Athena also established itself in the tuning and racing sectors, establishing partnerships with companies such as ZRP and JE Pistons and expanding its range of spare parts. All engine and chassis spare parts - including engine shafts and connecting rods, engine brasses, car spacers - guarantee reliability, high technical content and performance. ENGINE CYLINDERS Athena cylinders are known worldwide for their performance, durability and reliability. Each cylinder, made in aluminum alloy, is coated with Nickel-Silicon and subject to accurate finishing treatments. The car cylinder that Athena offers is part of a big bore racing kit that includes pistons, cylinders, connecting rods and plate. GASKETS Athena offers the widest range of replacement gaskets available on the market, boasting over 40 years of experience in the field. Athena's gasket kits stand out for their excellent recovery capacity, their resistance to high temperatures and their optimal weight. Athena supplies a wide range of single spare, racing and standard gaskets, including head gaskets, valve cover gaskets and multi-lamellar racing gaskets. PISTONS Athena boasts a wide range of forged pistons that are resistant and elastic at the same time, thanks to the optimized hot forging process of 2618 aluminum. Thanks to the cooperation with JE Piston, Athena also offers auto forged racing piston kits, designed to withstand extreme applications and conditions.
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