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Always being the most reliable, competent, insightful and rewarding partnerby offering the best solution in terms of technology, product and service to fit individual needs


Athena's values start with the people who are part of our team and are based on three principles


Athena sees relationships with customers, suppliers and partners as extremely important. We design custom solutions and provide services designed to make third-party brands thrive.


"A company's greatest assets are its customers, without customers there are no companies". This brief aphorism is representative of how important customer satisfaction is to Athena. For us, satisfaction is represented by culture, respect and pride. Honesty, openness, experience, solidity.


Athena has the advantage of always seeking new business opportunities, often foreseeing the trends and fashions of the years to come. Innovation, research and development, performance and technology have been part of our DNA for over 40 years. These values ​​enable Athena to explore new paths and keep growing.


“We started working together in 2010

and quickly built a good partnership.

It is a collaboration that has grown

and not only has been productive

but also rewarding and on

a vast international scale.

It has been a mutually beneficial

arrangement and we’re

certainly looking forward

to linking-up with Athena for the future”

Pit Beirer – Head of KTM
Off-Road Racing Dept

“Athena è un supplier

con esperienza pluridecennale

nel settore moto,

ci affidiamo a loro per

la gestione motore ed

elettronica dei nostri mezzi,

dalla realizzazione del progetto

all’assistenza per

la gestione del software”

Yan Haimei – CEO Benelli-QJ

“Athena è da molti anni

un nostro partner strategico,

punto di riferimento per affidabilità,



Alessandro Cagnin - Purchasing Manager Tomasetto Achille SpA