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Performance in movement

Create added value with reliable high-quality solutions

Given how important travel is and how passionate we are about the vehicles we use, mobility - in all its facets - is a topic of extreme interest in today's world. With this in mind, Athena's PARTS & ELECTRONICS division has created real added value for customers and consumers by delivering highly reliable parts and researching innovative solutions.

Offer the most innovative spare parts for the motorcycle, car, marine and industrial transport sectors

Athena develops innovative electronic and mechanical solutions for the world of motors. We produce and distribute a range of selected technical aftermarket parts for the motorbike, car, marine and industrial transportation sectors. Our offering is unique worldwide for its size and price/quality ratio.


Motorcycle aftermarket parts with OEM quality. Leader in the racing sector

Athena operates in both the sports and urban motorcycle industry, offering the highest quality gaskets, cylinder kits, technical parts and complementary products, for all brands and models, through a worldwide network of specialized distributors and dealers. We are leaders in gasket kit preparation for motorcycles and the only company in the world that fully manufactures cylinder kits for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, for the aftermarket and racing parts markets. Our parts are chosen to maximize performance in all motorcycles - from sports, enduro and motocross, to street bikes, scooters and mopeds.


Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles aftermarket parts with OEM quality. Specialized in the tuning and drifting sector

Athena produces and distributes specialized, high technical content spare parts for the tuning and racing sectors for the word's principal Automotive Manufacturers. We have been doing this since 1973, with the objective of delivering reliable innovative solutions, with constant attention to the price/quality ratio and the support of highly specialized technical staff.


Nautical aftermarket parts with OEM quality. The best gaskets available for outboard marine engines

Athena produces and distributes the highest quality gasket kits, oil and air filters and complementary products for the inboard and outboard marine and personal watercraft sector, with a customised range for the market's leading brands worldwide.


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Leader in the production of engine control units, GET offers as well a complete service of research and development

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Spare gaskets and gasket kit for car, industrial vehicle, truck and tractor engines

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High performance gaskets for the motor racing world

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Braking pads for all motorcycle categories

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Design and production of high performing engine parts for off road and street bikes and snow mobile

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High performance forged pistons for autoracing

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Aftermarket bearings for Automotive

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Off-road handlebars and accessories

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Special seat covers for cross and enduro motorcycles

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Rubber products born for high performance

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Connecting rods and crankshafts for tuned engines

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