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A history focused into the future

History is important. It tells us about a company's identity, its roots and its strength. But for a company that looks to its future, history is above all the story that is yet to be written. A story of innovative projects and new dreams with which it intends to keep growing.


Athena SPA Foundation

Athena is born. Gianni L. Mancassola sets up his artisan business in Bagnolo di Lonigo, province of Vicenza. Over the years, the initial industrial gasket production also extends to stamped metal parts.


Birth of Bluetech

A few years after moving to the new industrial park in ​​Alonte, Bluetech is set up. This company manufactures and sells standard rubber and rubber metal parts. This allows Athena to increase product offering and acquire new customers.


Athena expands in Italy

Athena expands in the Italian market by opening Athena Sud in Erchie, Province of Brindisi. The company's presence in Italy becomes increasingly widespread and consolidated.


Entry into the aftermarket world

The Parts & Electronics division is born. Athena acquires IGEA and leverages its expertise in industrial gaskets to enter the motorcycle aftermarket with gaskets and gasket kits.


Start of the internationalization process

With the establishment of Athena Vedamotors in Brazil, Athena begins to grow outside Italian borders into a country with a high growth rate.


Athena USA is born

Athena cylinders achieve their first victory in the MX1 World Championship. Athena USA is founded to distribute products in North America.


Entry into the world of competition motocross

Athena's turnover reaches 30 million Euros. The acquisition of Eurocilindro launches Athena into the world of racing kits, kicking off the production of cylinders for endothermic engines and expanding the motorcycle spare parts offering.


Acquisition of the GET brand

The Parts & Electronics division expands with the acquisition of GET, a prestigious brand in the field of production of control units for engine management and data acquisition systems.


Birth of the Sportech & Lifestyle division

The Sportech & Lifestyle division is created for the distribution of GoPro, world leader in the Action Cam market. In the same year, Athena's worldwide presence is consolidated with the establishment of Athena Motor Iberica in Spain and Athena India.

Birth of Athena Motor Iberica

Birth of Athena India


Entry into the auto aftermarket market

With the acquisition of Omnicompetition, Athena enters the Auto aftermarket with products dedicated to the world of Racing.


Establishment of Athena Hanzhou

Founded in 2016, Athena Automotive & Industrial Parts Co. Ltd serves as a strategic HUB in China, with the goal of providing products and services to international companies looking for a reliable partner to manage relations with Chinese suppliers and customers.


New logistic hub building's construction

Athena expands with the new logistic hub building's construction at Athena HQ and extends its international presence with the acquisition of SCE Gaskets in Tennessee and the start of the distribution in Spain.

Acquisition of SCE Gaskets

Birth of the Sportech & Lifestyle division at Athena Motor Iberica