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Athena is every manufacturer's ideal partner

The world of mechanical engineering is geared towards innovation. In this context, Athena's INDUSTRIES division aims to be the ideal, solid and innovative answer, tailored to the production performance needs of each individual company, in Italy and in Europe.

Athena Industries.
Innovation and technology for Industrial Supplies

For every requirement, an innovative solution

The keywords are: research and development, co-design, service culture. Based on these values, Athena designs and implements One-to-One technical solutions for products and industrial processes in the field of blanked products and innovative sealing systems.

Discover Athena Industries

Automotive and earthmoving. Components for OEM manufacturers and Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers

Athena supplies special parts, standard and custom-designed, for OEM manufacturers and Tier 1-2-3 suppliers in the automotive, motorcycle, agricultural and earth-moving sectors. Thanks to its distinctive know-how and the quality of the products it offers, Athena partners with the principal manufacturing companies and is already working on new industry trends such as hybrid and alternative energies.

HVAC. Sealing and insulation system design.

Athena offers sealing and insulation systems that withstand extreme operating conditions, such as those required by the heating and refrigeration sector. Athena develops seals that are resistant to high temperatures, insulating panels and customized sealing systems, researching the most suitable materials and solutions together with the customer.

Domestic appliances. A single reference for all components and gaskets.

In a historical period in which household appliance companies are looking for reliable and quality suppliers, Athena is engaged in the sector with a complete range of products that guarantees greater innovation and lower costs. Athena produces a wide range of gaskets (for insulation, for engines and appliances), cylindrical vibration dampers, closing caps, spacers, safety washers and much more.

Electromechanics, Hydraulics, Pumps, Compressors, Pressure reducers. Athena has the best solutions for everyone.

Sectors such as pumps, compressors, pressure reducers, hydraulics and electromechanics are constantly evolving, with customers always demanding maximum performance and innovation. Athena offers financial soundness, production technology, design and co-engineering and quality management guaranteed by specific certifications.