Double Bolt Wheel Spacer Kit with Pre-Installed Stud Bolts & Nuts - CHRYSLER/FCA 5x115x71.5 th.25mm

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Only 1 piece
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Made from a bar of top quality aluminium

Perfect clearance to reduce vibration and enhance driving feeling

10.9 class TUV approved Italian Made bolts and nuts to guarantee the best safety on the road

Set of 2


If the thickness of the wheel spacers is less than the length of the original stud bolts, the wheel spacers cannot be fitted. Check the alloy wheels: they must be equipped with holes/lightening holes placed on the same wheel base of the wheel nuts fixing holes. The holes/ lightening holes must have the necessary depth so that the original stud bolts of the wheel hub disappear into the wheel. On the contrary, it is absolutely necessary to shorten properly the original stud bolts fitted into the wheel hub. This kind of wheel spacers cannot be fitted into steel rims.