Bike Chain Cleaning Kits

Spending time on the maintenance of the gear unit, using the practical bike chain cleaning kit allows your bike to run smoothly and respond to commands perfectly synchronized with the rear gear and pedals. Cleaning a mountain bike chain usually requires more effort due to the presence of more dirt, but it is important to pay attention to the racing bike chains too as they must withstand the stress of the race. The Athena bike chain kit combines everything you need for effective cleaning joining together the professionalism of Resolvbike products and ease of use. The specific detergent allows you to clean thoroughly without removing the chain, the detergent melts the grease on the gears, while the handy brush allows deep cleaning without product waste. In addition, the cleaning kit prevents the formation of rust and accumulations of dirt that can block the chain, increasing resistance to wear and tear and corrosion.
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RESOLVBIKE 1010-4 ResolvBike Lube R1 lubricant - 200 ml
100+ pieces
Technical features
  • Capacity (l): 0-2
  • Net Weight (Kg): 0.21
$ 8.90 -30.0 %
$ 6.23