Difficoltà tra imprese e banche? No, i problemi sono: costo del lavoro, fisco e burocaziaBanca Popolare di Vicenza (BPVI) hosted a conference bearing the title «The relationship between banks and enterprises in the current perspectives of the economic scenario» – quite a challenging header with the times being. There has been quite a lot of comments from the enterpreneurs’ side.

Athena president Gianni Mancassola has an optimist vision of the future:

I see good opportunities for Italians. We are carrying a heavy burden and we are aware of it; however, our enterpreneurial abilities are winning ones. We have less blue-collars but more brains, occupation will rise in so far as we want to believe in this country. We ought not to confront ourselves with countries that can beat us on costs, we must let our talents and the quality of our products prevail.

Source: Il Giornale di Vicenza