Future, a concrete hope

We believe in the social responsibility of the business. We gave a lot to our territory and contributed to its growth. And we gained even more. We are not alone. We are in the centre of a network of people, of communities which plan their future, every day. We feel the need to walk by those who seek the chance to build their own tomorrow, especially the young generations. That’s why we bring our projects to the schools in order to spread the enterprise culture and to offer concrete growing opportunities.

The environment, our field of action

Also the environment is part of our ethic responsibilities. We know that uncontrollably consuming the natural resources means consuming a bigger and bigger part of everybody’s future. We believe making development and environment coexist is possible. Every day we invest in the energy efficiency and in sustainable production systems. Since 2009, our Cadmium telluride photovoltaic implant, the largest of the Veneto Region, produces 1 million kilowatts a year for the Alonte plants, reducing 584 tonnes of CO2 emissions.